Verifying the Truth: How FOX’s ‘Verify’ Uses Blockchain to Authenticate Digital Content

.. By Thomas Peterson

February 7, 2024

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With the rise of AI, telling apart real from fake digital content is tough. FOX Corporation’s ‘Verify,’ developed with Polygon PoS, aims to authenticate digital content, like photos and videos, ensuring their origins are traceable.

The Genesis of Verify

FOX’s Blockchain Creative Labs, known for exploring NFTs and blockchain technology, initiated ‘Verify.’ Inspired by tech visionary Marc Andreessen’s ideas, ‘Verify’ seeks to make online content more trustworthy through unique digital codes.

Verify’s Mechanism and Purpose

‘Verify’ employs blockchain and digital signatures to confirm the authenticity of digital content. It uses Ethereum’s ERC-6150 standard for creating digital stickers (NFTs) to organize and verify content seamlessly. This approach addresses copyright issues, like the dispute between The New York Times and OpenAI, by facilitating fair use and licensing agreements.

Implementation and Adoption

Currently, ‘Verify’ is used by FOX-owned outlets, with over 80,000 content pieces already minted. FOX is discussing with other media entities to broaden ‘Verify’s’ use. The tool is open-source, encouraging developers to innovate further, aiming for widespread trust and adoption.

Potential Impact and Industry Perspective

‘Verify’ promises to enhance transparency and reliability in AI-generated content. Industry experts believe blockchain can tackle AI’s ethical challenges, improving content authenticity. NEAR Protocol’s Illia Polosukhin sees ‘Verify’ fostering blockchain acceptance among mainstream media, enhancing trust in digital content.

FOX Corporation’s ‘Verify’ represents a forward-thinking solution to verifying digital content’s authenticity, marrying AI with blockchain for transparency. This initiative could lead to a more honest digital environment, respecting creators’ rights and fostering trust in AI applications. ‘Verify’ heralds a future where technology safeguards digital integrity.